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Grow Your School

Fill Empty Seats

Get strategic to attract mission-appropriate families, fill your seats, and build a waiting pool.

INcrease Retention

Keeping the students you have is the most cost-effective way to grow your school. We can help.


We’ll help you refine your admission efforts to generating the tuition income you need to thrive.

energize teachers

Inspire your teachers to be the organic marketing machine you need to grow your school.

Shout out to the admission directors!

If your school is like most small classical schools, you recruited a school Mom to manage your Admission efforts. She had no Admission experience, but she was talented and passionate about your mission.

That was me. Under-experienced. Under-staffed. Overwhelmed. And feeling like the entire school budget (aka Tuition Income) rested on my shoulders.

Enrollment management wasn’t enough. We desperately needed marketing to spread the word about our school. Our Board agreed and I was given the support and training I needed to add Marketing to our Admissions efforts. Our school grew 55% in five years.

I created AB Consulting for Schools so that every school – no matter how small – could get the Marketing help they need to grow. 

What is the best use of your marketing budget? Should you:


Get a brand new website?


Buy Google Ads?


Increase your social media presence?


Focus on word-of-mouth marketing?


Buy radio ads?


Create new printed materials?


Buy Facebook ads?


Advertise in local magazines?


Deliver postcards to local preschools?


Plan new and exciting admission events?

The answer to all these questions is, “Maybe.” It depends on your school, your goals, your budget.

Digital marketing can feel overwhelming. At AB Consulting we’ll help you get clear on your school’s message, then use it to make the most strategic marketing moves to achieve your goals. 

Even small schools with small budgets can make big gains with targeted marketing efforts.

We believe…

Empty seats in great schools are a tragedy.

Empty seats strain a school’s budget.

They degrade school culture and morale. They limit the scope of activities you can offer.

And even worse than that? Every empty seat in a great school represents someone who is missing out on a life-changing opportunity.

Don’t let empty seats threaten the success of your school. Put the best corporate marketing strategies to work for you, and start attracting more mission-appropriate families than ever before.

Classical Schools face unique challenges when it comes to marketing.
Trust your messaging to a classical school expert.


Classical schools deserve great marketing!

brand messaging packages

Classical school messaging

website development

blog content

email nurture campaigns

lead generation

social media for schools

group and individual coaching

faculty training on retention

Here’s how we do it:

1. choose your plan

Whether you’re a start-up school that needs to cover the basics, or a mid-sized school ready to tip into the “big school” zone, we’ve got a plan to suit your needs and your budget.

2. Spread the word

Put your plan to work and start reaching your ideal families with marketing campaigns that run in the background while you focus on Admissions.

3. grow your school

As your school grows, so do your opportunities. Will you invest your growing budget in new activities or electives? Teacher salaries? Musical instruments? Let’s find out!

Amy Burgess

Amy Burgess

Owner, AB Consulting

Amy Burgess was the Admission and Marketing Director at a Classical Christian for five years before becoming a full-time marketing consultant.

Amy believes education has the power to change not only individual lives, but society at large. Well-educated, grounded children grow up to benefit their families and their communities for generations to come.

Amy is committed to taking her experience with corporate clients and putting it to work for the best schools in the country.

Ten percent of the proceeds from AB Consulting go to support Classical Christian education and teacher training in Africa through the Rafiki Foundation. Learn more here.

Don’t let another admission season go by without taking your school marketing seriously. Invest in your growth without hiring another staff member.

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