good marketing = increased business

It’s that simple. AB Consulting provides solid marketing strategy,
professional copywriting, and StoryBrand certified coaching to grow your business.

Find Your People

You have what your audience needs, but they haven’t found you yet. You need a marketing-matchmaker to connect you with your ideal customers.

Cut Through the Noise

The magic is in the words. When you speak your customers’ language and show them that you understand them, they will follow you anywhere.

Increase Revenue

With the right messaging you will attract new customers and keep them coming back for more. It’s a beautiful cycle that will grow your business.

Amy Burgess understood my corporate vision from our very first discussion. She reflected it back to me in terms that were so exacting that it strummed my heart to hear them. I began to think that no-one could assist me in creating a clear and simple brand story, until I was introduced to Amy. She is a tremendous listener; with enough command to guide a discussion, yet never imposing her will on my vision. This is profound skill and professional graciousness in one delightful person. I am grateful to have met her.

Sanford Coggins
Founder, VisionWise Capital, LLC
Do you feel like there is a wall of noise between you and your customers?
AB Consulting will help you clarify your message so you can cut through the noise and reach your ideal customers.
The average American encounters 5,000 commercial messages every day. As it turns out, our brains are really good at filtering most of those messages out. The only ones that get through are the ones that are clear and relevant.

Clever messages work some of the time.

Clear messages work every time.

When you create clear messages, your target customers will engage.

“My recommendation of Amy Burgess will likely sound hyperbolic but there’s not another way to describe her impact on our company’s storytelling and market positioning. We have been in a quagmire of confusion about who we are as a company and how to best articulate our value proposition to our target customers. Amy helped us change the way we see and talk about ourselves, and more importantly, our customers.”

Drew Bray

National Business Brokers

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No two clients are alike. We design creative, personalized marketing plans for each client. Whether it's a sales campaign, printed materials, a new website, or a full brand makeover, we can deliver exactly what you need.




We use your plan to create WOW-level marketing that will grab your customers' attention and grow your business. Your customers win and you win (and that makes us feel like winners, too). That's a lot of winning.


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Is a StoryBrand Marketing Workshop right for you?

StoryBrand Marketing Workshops help thousands of businesses
each year to clarify their messages and revolutionize their marketing.
Find out how the proven SB7 Framework can turn YOU into a marketing ninja. 

The StoryBrand Workshop changed the way we present to our current clients and prospects. No longer do we go up and spout a bunch of facts about our company. Now, we start by talking about the client first, which demonstrates we have the ability to understand and empathize with the problems they are trying to resolve. It’s led to over 30% more engagement since we started using the StoryBrand framework.

Jessica Taylor MBA

VP Business Strategy & Client Relations, Western Healthcare Alliance

Amy Burgess Consulting

Business owners and non-profit organizers are often passionate and knowledgeable, but they struggle to create clear, concise messages that really connect with their customers. As a former journalist and StoryBrand Certified Guide, Amy knows that crafting an effective message is not easy. But it is worth it. Whether it’s an upgrade to website copy, an email campaign, or a keynote speech, Amy helps clients create powerful, targeted marketing collateral that works. To discuss potential projects, email Amy at

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